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When compounded with race, sexual orientation, and gender identity, Black LGBT people are particularly vulnerable to a lack of workplace protections. When intersected, racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia can create disparate job bias against Black LGBT people. Frequently, Black LGBT workers are among some of the most marginalized people due to lack of workplace policies and employers who discriminate. Due to race-based discrimination, LGBT animus, lack of workplace protections, and minimal help to get out of poverty, LGBT workers can find themselves in a precarious situation. These are only a few impediments that prevent Black LGBT people from finding and keeping a steady job – one that allows them to financially provide for themselves and their family.


I made a thing. I’m tired of people treating asexuality like it’s fake or it doesn’t exist. Or claiming that we are plants and just being ignorant. I hope this clears it up a little bit and has be informative! c:


Black History Month Calendar Photography

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